Personal Injury

Accident or Personal Injury

If you need an attorney we can refer you to one. Come see us if you are in an auto accident and injured even after you have gone to Emergency Room.  We can refer you to an attorney if needed.

We work under the letter of protection and clsosely with attorneys around area to take care of your needs and coordinate the care you require to get back to normal. Document diligently and keep accurate record of your recovery. Referals to Physical therapy and Chiropractic care, and specialties as needed.

Read below for helpful information about being injured and what to do next.

Your case review will be performed by a local car accident attorney. They will provide you an accurate estimate of your claim value and can help you get money for lost wages, personal injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

The case evaluation is of no obligation to you. Once you are referred by an attorney you pay $0 unless you win! There are no upfront fees.

Sunset Primary Care works closely with several of the best attorneys for accident Injury and workers compensations in the city. Once you are in an accident and are seen in the emergency room or urgent care you can then seek legal advice.  We can also serve as a resource to refer you to one of the attorneys if you have not already done so.  Again the medical evaluation is of no cost to you until you settle your claim.

See a Doctor as Soon as Possible

If possible, see a doctor immediately after the accident. If EMTs or other medical first responders are called to the scene, allow them to evaluate you and follow their advice.

Even if you think you are fine, you should call your doctor to discuss the accident and get medical advice.

In many cases, you may not feel the effects of an injury for hours or days after the accident. If you haven't called a doctor already, make an appointment as soon as you suspect an injury.

Tell the Doctor about the Accident

Establishing a connection between the car accident and your injury is vital to settling a personal injury claim. When you check in at the emergency room or to see your doctor, let her know you were in an accident and that you think your injuries are related.

Keep a Medical Diary

Many personal injury attorneys recommend that you keep a medical diary to document how your injury affects your life , as well as to help you track the care you've received .

Your medical diary can help the insurance company determine the extent of your injuries, and can be used as evidence to help determine a settlement for expenses plus pain and suffering in court.

Your medical diary should include:

  • Dates, times and outcomes of all medical appointments and consultations.
  • Details explaining how your injuries have changed your daily life. For example:
    • Do you have more difficulty dressing, showering, or taking care of yourself?
    • Are you unable to work, or have you had to make changes to the way you work because of the injury?
    • Have you missed any professional opportunities, such as interviews, because of your injury?
    • Are there things you are no longer able to do because of the injury?
  • Describe your pain and other symptoms as precisely as possible.
  • Note any and all medications prescribed for you.

As you write your diary, keep in mind that it may be used as evidence for or against you in court. As much as possible, keep your tone clinical unless describing emotional pain and suffering.

Bring Your Diary to Medical Appointments

Your diary can also remind you of symptoms and things you want to share with your doctor.

In addition to helping your doctor with your treatment, this also enters the notes you make into your medical history, which will hold more weight with the insurance company or in court.

Document All Expenses

If you incur any out-of-pocket expenses in pursuing diagnosis or medical treatment, keep receipts and documentation.

Those expenses may include:

  • Transportation.
  • Parking.
  • Consultant fees.
  • Medical fees.
  • Time/wages lost from work to keep appointments.

Follow All Medical Advice

Obviously, it's in your best interest to follow medical advice to help your recovery, but it's also important in protecting your claim for any personal injuries.

In some states, your reimbursement or award may be reduced if you refuse to follow advice given to you by your doctor. That includes following up with recommended consultations, including physical therapy or other medical professionals.

Treat Every Car Accident Seriously

If you're involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, make sure that you call the police . Also, consider filing an accident report with your local DMV.